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Apostle Laverne J Shaw

Apostle Laverne J. Shaw is the Senior Pastor of the Zeal of Obedience Ministries International, FHOR home based in Jacksonville, FL. Currently Apostle Shaw is on the Board of Directors of Faith House of Refuge Ministries where she serves as Assistant General Overseer und the leadership of her husband Bishop Richard C. Shaw. Bishop Shaw is the General Overseer of Faith House of Refuge Ministries. Apostle Shaw is the mother of five children and nine grand-children.

She is the daughter of the late Mr. Rueben Joyner and Mrs. Helena Joyner and a sister to host of sisters and brothers. Apostle Shaw holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies as well as a Master’s Degree in Psychology. In 1999 Apostle Shaw also received her Doctorates at the Jacksonville Theological Seminary School in Florida. Apostle Shaw started at a young age ministering the Word of God in the streets of Virginia, meeting no strangers with her “We are all God’s people, no matter who we are” approach to meeting the spiritual needs of everyone she met. Later Apostle Shaw served as a
team member in a prison ministry under the leadership of the late Elder Charlie Wiggin.

Shortly after she left the prison ministry, Apostle Shaw begin her travels to go on and evangelize throughout the many cities in the Tidewater area of Virginia and beyond. Apostle Shaw has many talents including singer and songwriter, so it was no surprise that she would soon pursue a music career. In 2012, Apostle Shaw released her first demo CD entitled “It’s not what you said”.. But it’s What God Said”. Along the way, Apostle Shaw discovered a love for writing plays while still in her teens and has now written and directed several successful productions, such as “A Night to Remember” and “All Grandma’s Children” just to name a few. Apostle Shaw with her many talents and gifts is also in the process of completing her first book.

Apostle Shaw has spent 8 years on local Television stations in the Virginia Area and received some of the highest network ratings for Christian Broadcasting. Among other things, she served and preached on the Word of God on the Word Network before the Lord called her into her next level which was to build the Zeal of Obedience Ministries in Jacksonville, FL. The Zeal of Obedience ministry was birthed out of Apostle Shaw’s Television Ministry and was produced by Apostle Shaws very own AP-ZOO Productions studios. During Apostle Shaw many years of ministering she has also hosted several radio broadcast; entitle “To Tell the Truth Ministries”, “Let’s Get to the
Root”, and Let My People Go” all extremely successful in their season. Apostle Shaw is a dynamic,,

charismatic gifted Woman of God called to the Nation for such a time as THIS.

The Homeless Ministry
For years our ministry would go to the local shelters and transport van loads of men and women to our Sunday morning worship services. Apostle Shaw wanted to make sure that every Sunday before they returned, they would each receive a delicious hot meat. However that was not enough, and because of her love and compassion Apostle Shaw saw that there was a greater need for these men and women coming from the shelter. Many needed a place stay to begin a fresh start when
their time at the shelter was up. Many needed help in finding jobs and homes and getting reestablished in the community. This was especially true for the men coming from the shelter.

Therefore in 2000 Apostle Shaw rented house and started a homeless shelter for men in the city of Suffolk, VA. She provided housing for men coming from the local shelter, jail and for men who were simply living in the streets. The shelter became well known with Suffolk Social Service department, and they began to call seeking shelter for many that came to their office for assistance.

These men were given a chance to build a relationship with God by being able to attend not just the Sunday morning worship services, but also the Wednesday Bible studies and the Friday night

worship services under the leadership of Apostle Shaw. They were afforded the opportunity to live rent free for a period of time, while the rebuilt their lives. Because of the vision of Apostle

Shaw for this shelter, and the guidance and assistance that these men received, many lives have been dramatically changed. Many have moved on to better lives by being placed in their own home, finding employment, and even given the chance of marriage.

Drug Rehabilitation Ministry

In 2005, Apostle Shaw birthed the Drug Ministry entitle “Doing Right Under God” (D.R.U.G.), which launched its first drug rally and march in the city of Suffolk, VA in April. Over 100 men and women and children marched over 4 miles from our Suffolk location to a city park, to bring awareness to the drug problem that has overtaken the lives of so many. The march was followed by a cookout for the community, and leaders were on hand to minister and counsel all that came from the drug infested communities that surrounded the park. The march received media attention from the local newspaper, the Suffolk News Herald. The march was followed by weekly meetings in the Suffolk location to help break the stronghold on drugs by teaching the attendees the principles of Doing Right Under God, which would bring the stronghold of drugs under subjection and save many lives.

Many other on-going special kingdom assignments within the ministry:
International Missions – W.F.D.T. – Water For a Dry Throat

Investment Training
Full Back Packs
Scholarship Fund
Seed for the Hungry
Crown of Glory and LaShaw’s Men and Women Fashions
It’s a Family Business

Bishop Richard C. Shaw

Bishop Richard C. Shaw was born on March 10, 1956 to Shirley F. Shaw and Frank Worsley (deceased) in the city of Virginia Beach, Va. Growing up Bishop Shaw attended schools in Florida, Rhode Island, and Tennessee in addition to Virginia. He was the first 9th grader to become a member of the Navy ROTC program   at First Colonial High School, where he graduated with his high school diploma in 1974.

In September of 1985 Bishop Shaw asked his mother for a bible, and said that he had to get saved. The following week on September 17, at a revival held at St. Stephens C.O.G.I.C.  where Bishop Ted Thomas was ministering the word Bishop Shaw gave his life to the Lord. He then joined New Life Mission C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of Bishop Asberry James, where he was a faithful, hard working member. Bishop Shaw served in several positions in the church. He was a Deacon, YPWW president, building fund president, Sunday school teacher, usher, and yes even a lead songster in the choir. Bishop Shaw accepted his call into the ministry and preached his initial sermon in 1989. He was once told by his Pastor after preaching a message, “that the ministry needed him, but that he knew that Bishop Shaw had a message for the world, and would not be there.

Bishop Shaw married the love of his life Apostle LaVerne J. Shaw on November 5, 1990. He is the father of 5 children: Darrish Gilchrist, Donna Brown, Monique Gilchrist (deceased), Tamara Hines, and Kamya Brown. And the proud grandfather of 5 boys and 4 girls.

Shortly after marriage Bishop Shaw and Apostle Shaw started a radio ministry entitled “To Tell The Truth Ministries” which was just the beginning of the work that God had for this powerful husband and wife team. On July 14th, 1991, Bishop and Apostle Shaw founded the rebirth of Faith House of Refuge Ministries where he was ordained the Pastor, which was beginning of an awesome work in the Lord’s kingdom. Bishop Shaw was ordained as both a Bishop and an Apostle on July 30th, 1995 under Faith House of Refuge Ministries and he was ordained by the Jacksonville Theological Seminary on May 13, 1999.

Bishop Shaw has co-founded a total of five ministries under the Faith House of Refuge covering and is actively overseeing the ministries in Virginia Beach, VA and Jacksonville, FL. He has trained, licensed and ordained a large number of preachers, deacons and missionaries over the last 22 years.

Bishop Shaw continued his education by attending Jacksonville Theological Seminary. And through much hard work and dedication Dr. Shaw earned a Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies degree and a Masters of Religious Arts in Christian Psychology degree. Continuing to work tirelessly on furthering his education, Bishop Shaw did not stop until he had earned his Doctor of Theology degree which was awarded to him on May 13, 1999. Bishop Shaw is now a Facilitator of Revelation Message Bible College and Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

Bishop Shaw is the founder of the Mountain Moving Faith Television broadcast which aired every Saturday Morning at 9:30 am on ION Media Cox Cable channel 49 for over 8 years.  In December 2014 he completed renovations on a 15,000 sq. foot facility in Virginia Beach, VA which is the new home for Faith House of Refuge Ministries.